Wealth Planning

As part of United Financial, a division of CI Private Counsel LP, our Wealth Planning Group and Regional Vice-Presidents of Wealth Planning work with Assante advisors to offer clients strategic advice on their comprehensive wealth planning needs.

At Assante, we understand that not all clients require the same level of assistance, and that some clients, prospects and centers of influence may not fully be aware of the value you can provide to them beyond investment advice.

By creating awareness of various wealth planning issues, risks and opportunities in your regular meetings, your clients can discover how you can meet a broader range of their evolving needs.

Corporate Class - Why pay taxes when you don't have to?

Capital Gains Exemption - Keep more of your money

Family Trusts - Protect your personal assets now and in the future

Tax-Efficient Farm Retirement Strategies - Maximize your family's wealth

For further information regarding Wealth Planning client services, please see our United Financial Investment Solutions page.